Syllabus Fall '13 *


Course: BIOL8620-80164
Location: Room 420 Sparks Hall
Time: Tuesday & Thursday 1:00 pm - 2:45 pm
Credit Hours: 4 hrs


Lecturer: Dr. Margo Brinton Dr. John Houghton
Office: 623 Petit Science Center 520 Petit Science Center
Laboratory: 640 Petit Science Center 534 Petit Science Center
Office hours: Tues: 11:00am - 12:00pm Tues: 3:00pm - 4:00pm


Text: Lewin's Genes XI: Jocelyn Krebs, Elliott Goldstein and Stephen Kilpatrick | Jones & Bartlett Publishers

Reading assignments in the text book are indicated in the lecture schedule. The background information for some of the lectures will either be in the form of web-links, handouts or journal articles.  Diagrams used in lectures that are not from the textbook will be posted on the web, handed out in class or available as downloads.  Exams will be based primarily on lecture material.  Reading assignments (text, papers and handouts) should be used to understand the lecture material and provide additional examples.

Grading Policy * : Grades will be divided amomg the various examinations in the following manner-

Exam I 100 pts
Exam II 100 pts
Exam III 100 pts

Critical thinking assignments
(in class paper discussion & Gene Paper)

200 pts
In-Class Presentation  100 pts
Total    600 pts.


Grading Scale: 97-100= A+, 90-96= A, 88-89= A-, 86-87= B+, 80-85= B, 78-79= B-, 77-78= C+, 70-76= C, 68-69= C-, 60-67= D, less than 60= F



* Please note that this syllabus provides a plan for the course, however, deviations may be necessary.

This information is given as a guide to the student attending the Bio8620 '11/ lectures as a means to review some of the information. It is not meant to replace the lecture. No emphasis as to what will be required of the student is given in this text, indeed information that is given in the these transcripts may make little sense if the student has not first attended the relevant lecture.