Lecture Series Fall '05

Location: Lecture Room 327, Sparks Hall  

Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 - 11:40am

Credit Hours: 4 hrs.

Lecturer: John Houghton

Office/Lab: 416 Science Annex / 510 Natural Science Centre

Office hours: Wednesdays from 9 - 10am, or by appointment.

Text: Genes VIII  by Benjamin Lewin  (see above)



Additional Reading: Physiology of the Bacterial Cell by Neidhardt, Ingraham and Schaechter (out of print).

Note: Many of the images that are presented in this web site are scanned images or derived from one of these three sources, and are so acknowledged.

Grading Policy: Grades will be divided among the various examinations in the following manner:


Vocabulary test (10%)
Mid-term I (25%)
Mid-term II (25%)
Final Exam (30%)
Term Paper (10%)

Makeup exams: Please make every effort to take the tests on the scheduled dates. Makeup exams should be taken only under very special circumstances. Please note that the makeup exams may be graded differently, as (by definition) they cannot be incorporated into a "class curve". 

Ethical considerations: Unless otherwise stated, all examination answers that are submitted for evaluation are considered to be the sole property and ideas of each individual student. Any student(s) caught copying or cheating will automatically receive zero credit for that particular submission, and possibly be subject to further disciplinary action. 

Graduate Students: Graduate Students (6595) will be graded on an entirely different curve than Undergraduate Students (4595), which will be based on test perfromance and their "term paper" submission.

Term Paper : Stay tuned


    This information is given as a guide to the student attending the Bio4595 lectures as a means to review some of the information. It is not meant to replace the lecture. No emphasis as to what will be required of the student is given in this text, indeed information that is given in these transcripts may make little sense if the student has not first attended the relevant lecture.