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Advanced Biotechnological Core facilities

at Georgia State University



provides a wide array of equipment and facilities that are dedicated to imaging biological samples; ranging from the atomic to the macroscopic levels. .
Robert Simmons (404) 413-5349



equipped with three Zeiss 510 Laser Scanning Microscopes, and several NT-based workstation to give considerable microscopic capability. .
Claudia Sanabria (404) 413-5409



combines a series of small-scale fermenters (30 Litre: New Brunswick models and 4 Litre Bioflow systems) with assorted accessories to enhance the pilot production of engineered proteins. .
George Pierce (404) 413-5315

Liquid Mass Spectrometry:


provides recently upgraded instrumentations and expertise in mass spectrometric analysis; and includes Waters Micromass
LC-Q-TOF. Contact: Siming Wang (404) 413-5558

For MS/MS & Protein, peptide sequence analysis see Proteomics
Contact: Hyuk-Kyu Seoh (404) 413-5379

houses Varian 500 MHz and 600 MHz Inova spectrometers along with a series of Bruker Avance 400 MHz, 500 MHz and 600 MHz spectrometers. All instruments have gradient and triple resonance capabilities.

Contact: Mark Germann (404) 413-5561


This information is given as a guide to the facilities and instrumentation available in the DNA/Protein Core facility at Georgia State University. If you have any concerns or thoughts about the content of this website please contact: John Houghton (404) 413-5390