Contact: Sonja Young
Rm (lab): PSC 661
Cell: (678) 640-9259

Rm (office): PSC 519
Tel: (404) 413-5363

Location: PSC 539, PSC 659A, NSC 473, Kell 439B

General Warnings:
Every time you use the Film developer, you MUST sign the logbook.
Clean your mess.
Do not tie up the room exposing your film and waiting for the exposure time.
Film must be at least 5 X 7 and do not fold the corner of the film to mark orientation.
Do not under any circumstance try to fix the machine yourself.

1. Make sure you will leave the room the way you have found it.
2. Close the top-lid of the machine BEFORE TURNING THE MACHINE ON!!!. (Normally, when nobody is using it, the top-lid should be left a couple of inches open)
3. Turn on the machine. DO NOT turn the machine on hours before you need it.
4. Turn on the H2O. Go to wall in back of machine towards corner (red arrow). The H2O lever is red. Turn the lever completely – so that the lever is parallel to the pipe. There is also an arrow and on/off on the lever – the arrow tells you which direction to turn the lever for OFF. You will hear the noise from the H2O.
5. Turn the white light off (top switch) and Safe-light on (bottom switch).
6. Feed the machine with your film. MAKE SURE YOUR FILM IS AT LEAST 5in. X 7in. AND CAN FIT INTO THE FEEDER!!! No small films please!!! They fall between the rollers and can’t be retrieved. Also do not fold the corner of the film down to mark orientation. This also hangs up on the rollers and your film will be lost.
7. When you hear the beep, turn the UV light off and turn the white light ON.
9. Make sure waste is in the trash bin!!! If you see that the trashcan is full, please place outside the room. The custodians do not come into this room.
10. Turn off the machine.
11. Turn off the H2O.
12. Leave the lid open couple of inches.

This information is given as a guide to the facilities and instrumentation available in the DNA/Protein Core facility at Georgia State University. If you have any concerns or thoughts about the content of this website please contact: John Houghton (404) 413-5390





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