XL-Analytical Ultracentrifuge

XL-A ultracentrifuge is out of order. Repair date unknown.

Please print out and fill in the form below,
and return to Hyuk-Kyu Seoh

Rm (lab): PSC 537

Rm (office): PSC 521
Tel: (404) 413-5379


Following prices apply to academic institutions.
Contact Core Personnel for other pricing.
$12.50 per hour when rotor speed is above 3,000 rpm
XL-A Ultracentrifuge Request Form
Biotechnology & Drug Design Core Facility, Georgia State University
Contact: Hyuk-Kyu Seoh
Petit Science Center, 161 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr., Atlanta, GA 30303
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
P I's Name:
  Acct / PO #  
P I's Signature:
Sample Name:
Velocity (2 channel cell):
Wavelength   _______________ nm  Sample: 450 ul Buffer: 460 ul
________ Molecular Weight ________ O.D. ________ Absorbance
_______ Scan #  _______ Scan Interval (min.)  ______ Interference
Velocity (6-channel cell)
Wavelength   _______________ nm 
Sample: 200 ul each (3 samples; 3 concentrations) Buffer: 220 ul
______ Molecular Weight   _____ Scan Delay (hour) ______ O.D. I
_______ Scan #   _________ Scan Delay (hour)  _________ O.D. II
_______ Absorbance  _________ Interference __________ O.D. III

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