DNA Sequencing  

Contact: Ping Jiang
Rm (lab): PSC 533
Tel: (404) 413-5370

Rm (office): PSC 521
Tel: (404) 413-5379

Our turnaround time is 3-4 working days

DNA Sequencing Service Request Forms
DNA Sequencing Sample Form
DNA Sequencing Premix Form

Forms will NOT be accepted without an account # and PI signature. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Following prices apply to academic institutions.
Contact Core Personnel for other pricing.
Charges :
$8.00/sequencing rxn. for Plasmid DNA and PCR products
$15.00/sequencing rxn for BAC DNA, Cosmid DNA, Genomic DNA

Sample Submission for non GSU labs
Ping Jiang
Petit Science Center
161 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30303
404-413-5370 or 404-413-5379
1st of each month

DNA Sequencing
Biotechnology & Drug Design Core Facility, Georgia State University
Contact: Ping Jiang
Petit Science Center, 161 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr., Atlanta, GA 30303

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